Obstacles in Life

I am a worrier. I worry about my kids most of all. even though they are adults, and I am proud of what they are doing in their lives, I worry that they won’t get good jobs after college. i worry that they’ll be so self-involved that they won’t take the time to look for a partner in their lives.  I worry that they won’t be happy.

I also worry about my business. I worry that I can’t get a bigger morning group going. I worry that my body will not be able to take the wear and tear from the amount of classes I teach right now. I worry that I won’t get enough people to sign up for my Women’s Circles to break even from the expenses.

I worry about our parents. They are getting older, and I worry that they might fall or hurt themselves in a way that is so debilitating that their current good health deteriorates.

I worry about driving on the roads when it is snowing heavily. I worry about the dog being lonely during the day. I worry about the house getting broken into when I leave for a few hours.

You could say I worry about everything, but that isn’t true. I don’t worry about my husband. I used to, many years ago, as he broke his addiction to alcohol through sobriety. There was a lot of trust that was lacking during those first few yars, and it was my biggest worry at the time. But I worried those worries to death, they are no longer around.

I have often found that, for worriers like me, sometimes you need to just sit in the worry and examine it and play out every option that could happen, including the worst options. Once you play it out, you realize that you can deal with even the worst scenerio. Of course, playing out these options creates a lot of negative energy, and so the best thing to do is to practice the art of letting go, which I have written about extensively.

What is the obstacle in your life that takes up a lot of negative energy? Can you do anything about removing that obstacle? If so, let it go. If not, how can you work around that obstacle? What can you do to make your life less complicated, less centered on that feeling or event or person? Today we look for solutions to deal with the obstacles in our lives.

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