Ice Day

We dodged the bullet by not getting a foot of snow, but it apprears the world has decided to shut down anyhow. Ice. As I write this, I see a cop car with it’s lights on, going down the side road from my house. I imagine someone is in a ditch, and I send a prayer that no one is hurt.

I was just about to hop out of bed this morning, and I received a call from one of my yoga clients. I was scheduled to get a facial with her this morning, but instead, her school is canceled because of bad roads. As I walked out to the living room, my son greeted me in the hallway. He was on his way to work when he was called and told to stay home. Apparently, the truck driver at work was staying home and there would not be much work to do, so he gets a snow day, or rather, an ice day.

As I walked out to the living room and got my first real look at the weather, I have to say, it looks ominous. There is not much difference between the sky and the ground, as I look out at the horizen. But the clarity of objects closer in my vision is amazing against that white color. I watch a male and female cardinal eating from the feeder. The brilliant red of the female throat, and the overall redness of the male are so beautiful against the white backdrop. Even the chickadees are colorful against the snow and ice.

I guess we are called to just observe, on a day like today. To be present in the moment. The plans have been erased from the calendar because of a little divine intervention. And how we choose to use these next few bonus hours is up to us. I could probably get a ton of work done, as I now have this free time. But maybe I am meant to take some time just relaxing from an already busy week?

I’ll play it by ear…

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