Proof of Heaven

A friend loaned me her book, “Proof of Heaven” by Eben Alexander, a couple weeks ago, and I am slowly making my way through it. It’s a very good book about a neurosurgeon’s near death experience (NDE). What amazes me about it, is how it is so very similar to my own out of body experiences (OBE) I had about a decade ago.

He spoke of a darkness that overcame him, and from the darkness came lights, like stars in the sky. And the stars turned into an angelic being who was his guide during his NDE. In my own two experiences, I was met by two beautiful angels, one just showed me what it was like to be in the space where you don’t “breathe” like we need to in our 3D bodies. In fact, when I became aware of not breathing, I sucked in a deep breath, and she was gone, and I was back in the 3D world. She also showed me how we can speak telepathically.

In the book, Alexander talked about the feeling of love that is so hard to describe or even compare to the love we feel for our children and spouses. I completely understood this feeling as well. There was such peace in that dimension, it was frustrating to come back to this dimension.

I had these experiences over 10 years ago. At the time, I shared them with my husband, and he thought I was nuts. Truly nuts. He thought I had been brainwashed, so I ended up getting help from an atheist ┬átherapist. I really liked my therapist, and by the end of our sessions, I realized that I wasn’t nuts. In fact, when I went back for a tune-up a few years later, during a difficult time in my life, she brought it up again. She said that she was no longer an atheist but was open to the fact there might be a higher being, at least she believed that we might have a higher self or conscience. She was making progress. Haha!

Reading “Proof of Heaven,” and the many similarities that this neurosurgeon had compared to my own experiences, I now have validation that I wasn’t just dreaming. I will say that, after those OBEs, I never feared death again.

It’s all good, on the other side. It’s all good.


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