Releasing Old Energy and Labels

Last night, I attended an energy circle with Laurie Wondra, a very powerful spiritual intuit and teacher. Part of our discussion was the coming “end of world” prophesies and what we thought that might be. No one expects a doom and gloom scenerio. In fact, most of us are very excited about the possibilities. For myself, I feel we have already been in the transition, and so I don’t expect something monumental but more of a push, like opening a door.

We were given some homework to think about. We were asked first, What labels to we apply to the “old” energy that we are leaving? And next, what names or labels have we given ourselves? In the new times, we won’t be labeling things, as there will be no words to describe what we see, feel, and are part of.

What labels do we apply to the “old” energy that we are leaving? The energy itself is “heavy” for me. The energy is “counter-productive.” The energy is “fearful,” “distrustful,” and “lacking heart.”

What labels have we given ourselves? I have mentioned this before in a blog, but the labels I carry are “teacher,” “mother,” wife,” “friend,” “best friend,” “yogini,” “healer,” “daughter.”

There are no words or labels to describe these next times. I can relate to this. If you have ever had an out of body experience or witnessed something in a higher dimension of energy, you “feel” that “place” differently. In my own experiences of meeting with my guides, the energy was so full of love, so calm and compassionate, it was actually very hard to leave that dimension. In the experience of having out of body experiences, not quite attaining those higher energy levels, it is more a feeling of bliss, of heart happiness. But those are labels that can’t even begin to truly describe those energetic levels. And that is why I think we are being told that labels will do us no good. for some of us, we might tap into mental telepathy, which will allow us to share those “feelings” without applying words to them. How cool will that be?

Whatever we have in store for us, we should not be afraid but be open and able to go with the flow of the energy. It’s all good!

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