Manifesting Love!

I continue being reminded that the Universe is manifesting our greatest desires, and it is very important that we be careful with our thoughts. Strong emotion is coming through right now, and it is really important that we not try to avoid it. Instead, we need to BE it. This is part of our journey, this is part of our path. This is where we find our Heart energy.

When we learn lessons in life, they present themselves in such a way that the lesson starts off easy enough, but if we don’t confront it right away, it keep presenting itself in harder and harder ways. And in that level of difficulty, we are finally faced with the ultimate pain which shouts at us, “I am not going to make this easier for you! NOW is the time to deal with this lesson.”

We all have been there. We all know these painful moments that require our undivided attention. It is our time to deal with our issues.

In this time on Earth, we are all manifesting what we desire and need, the good and the bad. That is why we are feeling so much conflict in our inner world and the world at large. It is important that we deal with our inner conflicts. This is not the time to put off that pain. We have to move into it and feel it and BE it and learn from it. Otherwise it will just become more painful. We are being pushed to deal with it NOW. For the good of all of us.

I keep reminding people to tell their stories. Say it over and over again. Cry through it. Don’t worry if you have told them your story once before. Repeat it, again and again. Each time we tell our stories, we work through the hurt. Each time we tell our stories, we start the healing process. Telling our stories IS the healing process. Feeling the hurt HELPS us to heal.

Here is the important part of hurting through the healing: underneath that hurt, there is a heart that wants to heal. Underneath that hurt, there is abundant love just waiting to open up. For many of us, the idea of tapping into the power of that love is daunting, is scary even. What will happen if we open ourselves to all that love? Will we change? YES! We will become our authentic selves! We will become our radiant selves. We will radiate love to others, and they will be drawn in to that love, and it will radiate out from them. They will use us as the example of love. They will strive for it in their own lives.

This is what we are manifesting: love! Not just for ourselves, but for the entire Earth. But to get to that authentic love, we have to tear down the many layers of hurt and betrayal and anger. That is our lesson. This is our journey. We are walking our path.


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