Many of us walking the path of enlightenment will remind ourselves to be True to ourselves. To find our Truth. To speak our Truth.

I can remember the first time I was told this: I asked, but what IS my Truth? I can honestly say that I don’t have the full answer yet, after so many years have passed. But, I am closer to my Truth today than I was at that time. Because I am allowing myself to remember who I was before all the filters and blocks became present in my life. The “you can’t do that” and “you don’t want to be this” and “why would you live there?” All innocent comments asked by people who truly love me, and yet these questions took me off course for being True to myself.

So I peel away those loving messages (of fear) to see what lies beneth them. And I begin to remember.

Remembering can begin with a smell. The other day, my family was going through my dad’s belongings which Mom had saved. A lot of things evoked memories of Dad, but the memory of MYSELF with dad came from his pipe. On and off in his life, he would smoke a pipe. I have always loved pipe smoke, and it is rare to smell these days. However, when we discovered those pipes, the first thing I did was bring it to my nose to smell it. And I remembered me, as a little girl. In the family home, sitting in the living room. Many simple memories of innocence. I brought the pipe around to my siblings to smell it, and they all would smile as they smelled the pipe. They remembered too.

Remembering can also begin with a feeling. There is only one other person I know who shares the same memory as me: the time of being in the womb. There are no words that go along with that memory. There are no sights. It is a sense of feeling. On rare occasions, I will still have a feeling wash over me, and my mind says, “I remember this feeling. It’s from the womb.” I was fortunate to have a twin brother, and so my memory is of the two of us. It is from my mother’s late pregnancy, and we are very cramped together. He was behind me, spooning me. I can remember that feeling very well. I think it was during this time that our Souls entered our bodies. I am not sure at what stage of pregnancy that was, but it was crowded.

When we remember something from when we were on our innocent path of Truth, it’s important to sit with that memory awhile. To see if we can bring up more from the memory. And then we might ask ourselves, “How did I lose this memory?” For the pipe memory, Dad died and Mom packed his stuff away, eventually. For the womb memory, I shared it with my friends and brother when we were 16, and learned that they didn’t also have those early memories. That was the first time I realized it. They laughed at me, and so I was shamed into trying not to remember the feeling.

Now is the time to dust off some memories of who we Truly are. Remember….

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