What’s Simple is True

I was reading my daily devotional this morning and was reminded of this song.

There was a time when I was very attached to my ability to tell the difference between different wine variations. I tasted peach. I could tell the barrel wood the wine fermented in. I preferred certain wines over others because of these observable differences. When my husband acknowledged his alcoholism, I decided that I would quit drinking as well, to support his efforts. I told him I would do it for a year and then make a firmer decision at that time.

The hardest part of quitting drinking was to give up my wine-snobbery. When I quit drinking, which turned out for good, I had to let go of a lot of who I was. It was during this time of my life that I experienced a simplification of my life. This was not the first simplification, and it wasn’t the last. It was just one part of me deciding that my life and expectations needed to downgrade.

It seems the more importance we put on the fine details of life, the less importance we put on the simple details of life. We set expectations for a vacation, and we are so focused on THE MAIN EVENTS that we miss the specialness of enjoying a cup of coffee on a park bench or the walk from one destination to another.

When we can enjoy the simple details, we are truly living in the moment. And when we live in the moment, we are living in our Truth.

Today, ten years have passed since I last tasted wine. And guess what, I really enjoy a cool tall glass of cranberry juice!

What’s simple is True.

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