Riding My Bike

Tonight after supper I decided to take a ride on my bicycle. My husband was leaving to shop for a new bow for hunting this fall, so I traveled alone.

I typically ride my bike in the early morning hours, or early for me, if you think 9:00 is midmorning! So an evening ride was quite delightful. I was waiting for some sprinkles to pass over, and when they refused to stop, I decided to ride anyhow. They never amounted to much, and by mid-ride, they had disappeared all together.

I have a few¬†trails that I take. I try to ride for about 45 minutes. I live on a gravel road, so any ride I take has a half mile gravel going out and returning. There are also some nice hills. My most common ride has seven hills each direction. Only two are of any real substance, unless you don’t bike much. My husband hates all the hills!

So I was riding tonight, singing the song, “Ride Like the Wind,” as I scooted along. I am not a racer. I love the scenery. We have fields of corn and beans, an elk farm, a dairy farm, lots of out buildings and barns, ponds and streams, dogs and cats watching me as I roam along the countryside. Thankfully the barking dogs were not out tonight. They always make me nervous!

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