Feeling Unsettled

I woke up this morning with an unsettled feeling in my gut. Not sure why. Maybe it’s the economy. My financial advisor called to make an appointment last night. That is actually a good thing, as we were just talking about going back and reviewing our plans. The sour energy around the economy is really permeating the Universe right now.

Maybe it was the discussion I had with my younger son. We were talking about his grades last night, and he asked me if I didn’t have faith in him to pass his classes. That left me unsettled, and I talked with him about it more today. Of course I have faith. But as a mom, I worry.

Maybe it’s the anxiousness that comes with having a new puppy. All the training and the little mistakes along the way. But he sure is a cutie,and he seems like he will be a smart dog.

Probably it’s all of the above.

On the flip side, there have been some very good things happening recently. On Saturday, I facilitated a circle at a Unity Church. The topic was “Becoming the Person You’ve Always Been.” It addressed thequestion of whether you are on your life path or not. (You are!) It was a great circle, and the people there came from all backgrounds and experiences.

Also, I am teaching a class on yoga and the chakras this coming Sunday.That will be exciting too. Half the class period will be going overinformation on each of the chakras. The second half has us doing sun salutations that align with the chakras.

I am also excited because tonight I am going to see the Eagles perform!I have seen them in concert twice before. This time I am going with some friends. It will be a good time.

So today I will work on keeping the energy in balance so that I don’t get too caught up in negative stuff. Yoga will be necessary to help mein this.

Wishing you balance in your day today too…

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