Springtime’s Small Miracles

I returned from a short trip to Vegas to discover that springtime has already dawned in Minnesota. I will admit that it was coming, early, before we left on our trip, but since we have been gone, all the lakes have had their ice go out. That’s a big deal in Minnesota, and it typically doesn’t happen until mid-April, so we are ahead of schedule.

I love spring. I love the storms, like the one we had last night. It came in with some winds, and then the rain started, followed close behind by the thunder. There was even a little bit of lightening to stir up the electrical magic of the storm.

After such a rain as that from last night, I anticipate the trees will be starting to burst with buds. The elm tree outside my window show some signs off leaves actually ready to open, which is quite amazing for this time of year. I’ll need to take a walk around the gardens to check for more signs of blossoming.

Spring is a time for growth, both in plants and in ourselves. Like the spring storms, we wash off the remains of the accumulations we’ve acquired throughout the winter and cleanse ourselves anew. Like the plants, we begin to blossom in fresh abundance. We sprout as blades of grass, crocus flowers, daffodils and tulips. All reaching toward the sun.

We are reminded in springtime to also reach toward the Sun. For many of us, the Sun is represented by our belief system. There might be a renewed sense of connection with our beliefs. In the Christian faith, the renewal is represented by the death and then rising of Jesus Christ. The Spring Equinox is celebrated by those of more pagan beliefs. But even those who are not of faith can sense the renewed energy of springtime.

After last night’s rain, today we can watch spring occur before our very eyes. See how the flowers and trees awaken today. Today is a small miracle day.

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