What About the Children?

In our understanding about the need for our bodies to adjust to the new, higher dimensions, as painful as that can be, it is expected that there be much concern for the children and babies. What will happen to them? Will they need to go through this shifting as well? The answer is “no.”

Those who are being born right now, as well as those who are around 20 years and younger, have different DNA than we do, which allows them to move through this transition with ease. Unless, of course, they have also decided to help others with this transition. Then they will carry some of that burden themselves. (I may have those years off by a few years. Some people refer to the Rainbow Children as those born during and after the year 2000, but I have been in Circles where we discussed the Rainbow Children prior to 2000. I think that the oldest Rainbow Children may be around 33 years old. I am thinking there is significance with the same age as Jesus during his most crucial time of his life.)

If you want to know more about the changing DNA, a great research term is Quantum Physics. I have read on the topic and took a class on it, and it makes for interesting discussion. There is also a book, The God Code by Gregg Braden, which is very worthwhile reading.

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