Summer Solstice Energy

Yesterday’s energy was very intense. The storms had been leading up to it for the past few days, and it finally came to its resolution last night.

We are currently working through old energy. Any old issues that haven’t been resolved or that are keeping us from growing spiritually are popping up and offering us great resistance right now.

Someone very close to me has truly been struggling through this energy. He continues to deal with an issue that came to a head (was a wake up call) last November. He spent the spring working through it, and yet, because he has not made any big changes in his own self-growth, the issue continues to come up. He thought he had resolved the issue by May, but he was thrown an unexpected and unwelcome surprise a couple weeks ago. And then he dealth with the issue last week, thinking it was resolved. But the issue became a bigger one yesterday. Today he will try to resolve it, but until he looks at the what is really holding him back, he will continue to run into these struggles.

It’s hard to watch someone you love have to deal with these kinds of issues, and there is nothing you can do about it. And that is the issue I am working through right now. When things like this come up, I want to take control of the situation and fix it. But in this case, I cannot do anything to fix the situation. (Nor should I.) And so I have to practice my mantra of “Let go.” Last night, when I was going to bed, I sang to myself the Beatles song, “Let It Be.”

Now that the storms have finally passed, we can look at these issues from a more practical perspective. Without that higher level of emotion, we can see more clearly now what is the work we need to do.

How are your issues coming along today?

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