The Eyes of God

Have you ever looked into a person’s eyes and thought you had looked into the eyes of God? I have had this experience a few times. The most assured place to find God by looking into someone’s eyes is to search for God in the eyes of a brand new baby. Babies’ Souls have most recently been with God, and you can tell, if you look into their eyes, that they still contain the wisdom from that place. If only they could talk!!

Another time (actually there were two times with this individual) that I saw the eyes of God looking back at me was when I went to see a politician who was running for president. Yep, that’s right. Ohio representative Dennis Kucinich’ Soul was looking back at me when I talked with him. He is a deeply spiritual person. I can’s say whether he is religious or not because it never came up. But he listens to God, and it is apparent that God drives what he does in his day job.

Another time of seeing God was when I went to see a gifted channeler. I didn’t see God in her eyes until she began channeling information for me, but a transformation came over her at that point, and I knew I was in the presence of God. Not only did I see it in her eyes, but I heard a change in her voice.

Now here is the lesson: we can find God, if we look for the Source. When we have a serious life conversation with another, we are tasked to look into the eyes of the person we are talking with, to find God in there. To me, the eyes are the window into their Hearts. If we can talk Heart to Heart with the person, we will see God.

I should make a disclaimer. There will be times, in our attempt at a Heart to Heart discussion, that we will not see God in the other person’s eyes. Either they have denied themselves of God, or they are denying you the ability to see God in them. This would be a person who I would be hesitant to give my own Heart to, because they are not ready to recognize it as a gift.

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