The Year of the Snake

Yesterday was the Chinese New Year that begins the Year of the Snake. The snake represents a year of hard work. We will all make progress with our goals, but we will follow the same type of path toward our goals as a snake makes as it slithers forward, in the S formation. Steady and sure, there will be room for us to learn in this next year.

The shedding of the snake’s skin also represents the changes that will occur in us, as we let go of some old habits and thinking patterns that have been holding us back. We will be transformed as we enter this new phase of ourselves.

The Year of the Snake is also taking us into our Goddess energy. While considered feminine energy, it does not mean it is only for women. It means we will move higher into our heart energy, into the energy that connects the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras. So many who have been experiencing sore throats, sinus issues and headaches are just clearing out those chakras to make room for the new energies coming in.

From my own work with Goddess energy, we have actually been moving into this energy for quite some time, at least 15 years. However, with the energetic shifts being made at the end of 2012, where mankind’s vibration moved into higher dimensions, more and more people are now ready to move into the high heart energy. So expect to see more compassion and caring for one another in this coming year.

I hope to be of service to you during this year of changes, meeting your wellness needs through yoga, meditation, circles, and retreats.


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