This Place Called Heaven

On Monday in Jamaica, we encountered a rain storm. And it was a storm! We had been at the beach, watching the storm roll in during the afternoon. We decided we should probably cut our time at the beach a bit short, since we imagined the storm might get worse in the mountains.

All told, we learned that there was a 2 inch rainfall that day, enough to cause problems for the small little road to Bromley. Fortunately, there was another road we could take back home. Unfortunately, it was in worse repair than the first one. But not a problem! We had two very excellent drivers who were very familiar with the roads. I enjoyed the adventure. I like when the unexpected occurs. It makes for fun stories afterward. Dianne took a short video clip of the adventure from the car she was driving in with Julie and Alex. I hope to get my hands on it and I will download it here. Such fun!

When we got back and were settling ourselves in for some yoga, it was still pouring rain. I went down to the yoga studio to see how it was holding up. Because it was such a strong storm, there was a few areas that had great puddles in them. I tried to imagine our mats scattered on the platform without getting wet, and I couldn’t quite see it happening.

Change of plans: I decided we would do a yoga nidra in my living room instead. As the ladies arrived, we cleared the furniture off to the sides of the room and brought ourselves to our mats for yoga nidra. A yoga nidra is a form of meditation in which yogis experience a sleep-like state, but they keep themselves alert during the entire process. It begins with a full body relaxation technique, taking our attention to each part of the body and allowing it to release tension. After the body is relaxed on our mat, yoga nidra guides us with imagery to a peaceful place.

My peaceful place was Bromley. Of course, surrounded by beauty, how could it not be my image of Heaven? I imagined myself surrounded by the mountains and flowers of Bromley. I could breathe in Bromley. As I pictured myself in this place called Heaven, I was divinely inspired. I imagined a world of peace. I imagined a world of healing. I imagined a world that was centered and not off balance. And all those images were exactly what I crave and invite into my life each day: peace, healing, and balance. Inspired, I was reminded that, like the changes of the seasons,  things grow old, die, and then are renewed. The same thing holds true for our thought patterns and bad habits: they grow old, die, and then we are renewed.

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