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I am always fascinated by the influence of the planets’ alignment with regard to the energy around the Earth. I have a couple friends who post information regarding these energetic shifts, and it astounds me how accurate these readings can be.

We have been told for the past couple months that June would be a very energetic month, with the lunar eclipse on June 4 being a day to rehash old issues in order to seek resolution on those issues. And then June 11-12 were powerful days in which tempers rose for some of us, as issues again came to a head.

On June 11, I was eating dinner with my husband and son, and I finally had to tell them, “I am biting my tongue here. You guys are driving me crazy right now.” It was our regular dinner conversation, light and bantering, but that night I wasn’t digging it. My husband looked at me and asked, “You are crabby tonight? Is this you, being crabby? I don’t even know what crabby looks like with you.” I told him that is because I bite my tongue or go off to read or do something by myself when I am crabby. Yes, it was me being crabby. lol

My crabbiness contiued through the next day. While teaching yoga on Tuesday evening, all of a sudden the garage door went up and the husband pulled out the car. I was watching him, thinking, “What in the world are you doing?” He knows that I don’t like anything disturbing class. Apparently, since some ladies went into the house to use the bathroom, he figured we were taking a break and decided to head out to Lowe’s. Ugh! I really should have bit my tongue, at that moment.

Anyhow, there is another special date coming up, which is the summer solstice of June 21. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year for those of us in the northern hemisphere. It also represents a time of potential for spiritual awakening.

In March, I attended an energy circle, and much was said about the month of June. On June 21, the angelic beings have told us that 70,000 people will be awakened, and that magical number is enough to move us into a cultural shift. There will be a “collective global concern.” We might start to notice the world moving into a frequency of fear. There is a shakiness that those of us sensitive to energy will feel. When we experience fear, that means that Spirit is urging us to move through something.

We are asked by the angels to remain calm. “All is as it should be right now.” We are reminded to meditate. Group meditations will be very powerful during this time. We are also told that we should take ourselves out in nature as much as possible. There is a calmness that the natural world can provide. I also recommend turning off the news, as that will have a negative affect on us. I personally only watch the local half hour news, and the rest of the news I read on the internet, carefully selecting which topics are of interest and won’t pull me into the fear factor.

This shift was referred to as an “Energy Density Detox.” Archangel Michael said that we should remind ourselves that we can’t lose control, because we were never in control.

At Jill Sand Consulting, I can offer you support during this energy shift this summer. During our outdoor yoga series, we have a fifteen minute guided group meditation. We are also celebrating the summer solstice on June 21 with yoga and a gathering afterward. There will be a group meditation at this session as well. And on June 25, our women’s circle has invited Laurie Wondra in to speak with the angelic beings and spiritual guides who are here to support us at this time.

Sending you peace and joy to carry you through this next wave of energy.

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