I woke up worrying this morning. I hate when that happens. It never feels like a good way to start the day.

My younger son went back to college part time this spring semester. The plan was that he would take a couple classes and work the rest of the week. Because his job is in construction, there were layoffs last week. He was included in the layoffs. Not being a saver, he had just enough money to pay for next month’s rent, and he is being very thrifty right now.

Realistically, he has already applied for a job, and there are a couple other places he needs to apply to as well. But, until he gets a job, I will worry. First of all, I am worried that he will need to borrow money from us. We have tapped into our savings in 2011, and so there is not much available for us to loan him. Second, I am worried that he is not trying hard enough to find a job. Third, I wish for him to be successful, and I think that this will be hard on his positive self-talk.

Looking at my worries, we do have money to borrow to him, if he needs it. Probably, he would only need to borrow money for a month or two. We can handle that. Second worry, he called us after having already applied for the job he wants, and he listed a couple other jobs that he can apply for as well. So he is taking care of this issue and doing everything he can. Third worry, he has a strong vision of where he is headed in life, and so, while this is a drag for him to not have money, he is confident that he can find a job. And that confidence is his putting his expectation for a new job out into the Universe.

Worry is thinking about something in the future that is out of our control. By looking at our worries from a realistic vantage point, we can see that it is senseless to invest so much energy in our worries. Bringing our positive affirmations into play and repeating those mantras is helpful during the worry stage.

It is what it is. Let go.

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