What are your thoughts about reincarnation? I have spent many years considering it, and I have come to the conclusion that we have several lifetimes that we live. As someone who was raised Catholic, the turning point for me to accept reincarnation was when I learned that reincarnation was originally accepted and written about in the Bible, but then the Church decided that they could collect tithes from the people by telling them that this money would buy their way into Heaven. If people thought they had another lifetime to make things right, why would they pay tithe, right? This is a very simplistic version of a very much more in depth history of the Dark Ages, but it was a turning point for me and my beliefs.

Several years ago, I went to see the Indigo Girls for the first ime, and when I heard Galileo, it made me cry. It still has that effect on me.

Here is a cool video link that I really enjoyed of the Indigo Girls singing Galileo.

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