Another Year Older!

I woke up at 3:40 this morning, having a hotflash, and then thought, happy birthday to me. LOL My biological clock just HAD to remind me that I am THAT age.

Today my brother and I turn 46. 46!! In my family, this is a landmark year. My dad had died of leukemia when he was 46 years old. Man, I can’t imagine facing my mortality at this time in my life. I feel so ALIVE. Lively. Awakened.

I have to admit, waking with hot flashes and a sore body from the 108 sun salutations class last night, and having a minor set back with my digestive system this past week (thanks to the Mercury in retrograde energy), I am not feeling exactly like a spring chicken this morning. But I don’t feel OLD either! Just… weathered, a bit.

LOL Life is good…

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