As I write this, we are having a wonderful Minnesota summer storm! The lightening and thunder are alternating their powers in the sky, and there is “electricity” in the air!

How sensitive are you to storms? I have a few nephews who remember a big storm when they were young, and they still hate storms, even as adults. I love storms! I like to watch them from the windows. Even when we have had storms that have sent us to the basement, I always end up peeking my head out of the back room to “check on” things. My boys are the same way. In fact, during that same storm that freaked out the nephews, Jeff and the boys were standing near the windows watching the storm pass through. Not a smart idea, but I know the temptation.

Physically, I can feel the electricity from storms stream through my body. My hair is usually on end during a storm. I feel like I could light a spark with the energy from the storm! I always wonder if I have been bumped up to another dimension during a storm.By dimension, I mean in the spiritual sense. Like closer to the angelic realm, which I define as energetic dimensions or realms.

Do storms affect you at all? I’d love it if you shared your experiences with storms here!

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