Mercury in Retrograde AND a Full Moon? Yikes!

This has been an interesting week, energetically at least. All of my friends who align their intuitveness with the planets have been feeling a bit off kilter. My advice has been to “go with the flow” and just be an observer until the dust settles on May 11 (which coincidence or not, happens to be my birthday! lol).

So what is going on, for those of us who “feel” the energy shifts? Mostly an “unsettledness” feeling that resides in the pit of the stomach. Feeling edgy, short-tempered, and maybe just wanting to be alone are also characteristic of Mercury in Retrograde. For me, it almost feels like I am coming down with something. Some days, I just can’t get comfortable, either in my body, my mind, or my Spirit. I am sharper with my words. I feel a bit intolerant. It’s like my Soul is crying out, “Come people, will you just EVOLVE already?” And frankly, I don’t think it has anything to do with people evolving but more to do with my sense of frustration during this energy.

And then the Full Moon arrives with her beautiful evenings, and as beautiful as she is, she creates quite a stir (havoc, for some) during her full bodied presence. My philospophy for riding out the Full Moon is to get into her groove and just ride the energy. It’s actually a pretty cool experience.

How does this “riding the energy” translate into real life? Well, in my yoga classes, it involves including Moon Salutations in our practice. Moon Salutations are cooling salutations, while Sun Salutations are heat-producing salutations (go figure, huh?). The cooling energy of the Moon Salutation allows us to flow, be present, but not force the energy. Good advice for the Full Moon time.

How does riding out the Full Moon energy translate into our daily life? We can act like the Moon herself. She provides balance to the Earth, and we can provide balance to our own environment. When we see people’s emotions rising (like during Mercury in Retrograde), we can provide some calming words for them. When we see a lack of response to a situation that needs response or clarification, we can offer those words. It’s all about balance.

How do we ride out the energy spiritually? We just recognize that every experience we have is meant for our spiritual growth while on this planet. Good and bad have no meaning for Spirit. So whether the energy makes us feel good or bad, it just is another opportunity to reflect on how we are affected by it. No judgment needed or necessary. It is what it is.

Moon energy is experienced every month, while Mercury in Retrograde is far less frequent (a big sigh of relief for many intuitives). But each offer us the opportunity to do some reflecting on our own thoughts and patterns of behavior. And “opportunity” is the key word.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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