More on the Radio Program

So I believe that the radio program will be along the same lines as the mission of jill Sand Consulting and the Women’s Circles (though expanding to both men and women, as my encounters with men show they are yearning for “more” as well.

And now for the next step of the journey, which I am faltering on. I have the name and email for the local radio station manager. I just have to get up the guts to contact her with my proposal. I was thinking that I would submit my website for her, as well as create a few youtube clips for her to hear my voice, etc.

So that is the next step of this journey: to create some youtube clips. I’d love to find another person to join me, so a dialogue can be created.

Thinking of an hour long (yeesh, that seems too long!) format, perhaps we’d format the hour like this:

Bring Balance Into Your Life with Jill Sand (need  a catchy title)

Physical Well-being (some sort of discussion on health tips)

Mental Well-being (maybe take on some new of the day)

Spiritual Well-being (an opportunity to discuss topics regarding religion and spirituality)

Tips for the Week/Month/Year/Day (kind of a “what you can do” to bring balance into your life.


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