Chakras Changing

While meeting last weekend to plan the upcoming retreat, we were discussing the chakras. We talked about the number 7, but then Laurie got the number 11 as being significant. I told her about our changing DNA, and how our chakras are also changing as we move into our Higher Selves. Our three dimensional bodies are composed of the seven chakras, but as we move toward the fifth dimension, we come into the next level of chakras, They are represented by the colors yellow (which tie in the lower energy), pink (which is the high heart, or our connection with all beings), and white (which is our evolved self). And as we shift even more, we become just one chakra (white color). I am not exactly sure what space we are in when we are one chakra vibration, but I think this might be when we die. And so there are 11 chakras.

On Sunday, Laurie was doing some meditation, and she also got this information about the chakras. Somehow, we must incorporate these chakras into our retreat. I am excited to learn more of what she got from this information.

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