The Energy of the Planets

Last night I attended an energy circle, and the discussion was about the energy of the planets at this time. Though I truly know nothing about the planets, except that during a Mercury Retrograde, we need to slow down and electronics will often go on the blitz, I am always drawn to how the planets’ alignment affects the Universe, and how this same alignment is so attuned to the Spiritual energy.

When I went to the circle, I knew I was “going to school,” and so I took a bunch of notes, which I will synthesize here today.

Mars is a planet that projects movement, change, energy, action, adventure, and courage. When Mars is present, we are inclined to pick up things we had previously set aside, like projects and creative ideas. Sometimes we push so hard, we get fearful and then desire to go back to the way things were. There is a huge lesson we are called to learn right now though. We cannot go back, at least to the way things were. Things are changing so rapidly, that the way things were no longer exists. For instance, let’s say we start a new project at work, and we are creatively working at it. At one point in the project, we realize we took on too much. the project seems overwhelming. And so we think we might just stop the project. Go back to our system prior to the project. However, the project was inspired because it was needed to move the system in a new direction for the company to grow. By stopping the project, the old system is no longer in place, and that is detrimental to the company. And so we must move forward.

With Mars, we must also be aware of changes in our relationships. We are called upon by Spirit to look at our relationships from the other person’s point of view. This will help us to be more understanding during this Mars influence.

Pluto is going to be with us through March of 2023! Pluto represents regeneration, change, shedding the old and creating the new, power, and influence. Pluto affects governments, and this has never been so obvious. Pluto came to us in November of 2008. Pluto portrays huge changes to the systems we currently have in place: new ways, rules, and laws. Accountability is called for. During this time span, dogmas and old beliefs that are no longer relevant will be eliminated and we are being asked to embrace the change. One issue that we are working through in this nation is gay marriage. We are being asked to identify our reasons for holding our position on this issue. Are we truly open to necessary transformation, even if it means radical changes?

Uranus entered March 11, 2011 and will be with us until May 15, 2018. Uranus represents freedom, vision, insight, “radical” behavior, and imagination. Look for continued unusual or unpredictable events. There is an acceleration of energy, and we are being asked to be open to change. We are reminded to place our energy in activities that make us feel alive. We have to break out of the old stigma that says if we aren’t working hard, we are not worth anything.

Neptune came on February 3 and will be with us until March 30, 2025. Mercury helps us tap into our intutiveness. It may sometimes seem like we lack focus because of the energy of Neptune. We have a strong imagination, and our panic and fear are stronger too. We may imagine a situation that brings fear into our heart, not realizing that this is just our imagination. Paranoia is coming from our external environment. These feelings will be amped up through November 11, so we should step back from any fears or panic attacks we are experiencing and ask ourselves, is this real or am I making this up?

If we look at the energy of the planets, we begin to understand our world right now, it’s chaos and changes that seem to occur from minute to minute. We are reminded to just breathe. Get outside as much as possible, as nature is soothing to our bodies, mind, and spirits. There will be a really good shift of energy by the end of the year. We will feel lighter at that time. But just a reminder that we are in the beginning stages of change, and it looks to be going on for another 12-13 years.

Peace and JOY!

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