Feeling Invisible

Have you ever felt invisible? Like people don’t see you or recognize you? Or that your communcation (speaking, or written) is not getting through to them? I have that feeling every so often, and I have felt it the past week or so. So tonight, as I was driving home from an appointment in Shakopee, I was pondering this feeling of invisibility, and all of a sudden a red fox comes into my sight. I skirted to the side of the road and stopped to watch me as I passed it. Seriously, I am thinking about my being invisible, and then the fox appears. So I went to an online website about animal totems http://www.sayahda.com/cyc2.html (who did I loan my Animal-Speak book to, by teh way?). This is what it says about fox:

The Fox

There are several different species of fox, but they all share the extreme cleverness and cunning that gave rise to theexpression, “sly as a fox.” Fox speaks of the need to develop the artof camouflage, invisibility, and shape shifting. It is agile, skilled,and unpredictable.

A fox being pursued by hounds will run across the tops of walls, cross streams diagonally, double back on its trail,run in circles and do anything to break the trail of its scent. It has a great ability to outwit both predators and prey. Fox teaches us how to slip out of unpleasant situations quietly and unnoticed.

Those with fox as a totem are often clever and witty but must remember to keep their crafty and clever nature balanced or it could backfire. Fox can also suggest that your actions might be too obviousand you need to learn to be more discreet.

Fox is one of the most uniquely skilled and ingenious animals of nature. Because it is a creature of the night, it is often imbued with supernatural powers. Author Ted Andrews states that fox are usually seen at dawn and dusk.  Dusk is the beginningof its day, and the dawn its ending. These are the in between times, when the world of magic and the world in which we live intersect. It lives on the edges of forests and open lands, the border areas. Because it is an animal of the between times and places, it can be a guide into the faerie realm. The fox has a long history of magic and cunning associated with it. It can move in and out of situations restoring order or causing confusion depending on the situation.  If fox is your totem pay attention to the way it moves and follow its lead.This is a powerful medicine to have and those that it belongs to should learn to use its skills for the benefit of all, including you.


Lots to think about there…

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