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This is the continuation from my first blog on the yoga therapy session I went to on Monday.

So as we began to enter into the restorative yoga part of the session, Michelle placed her finger on my heart and the palm of her hand gently rested on my shoulder blade area. At some point, she removed both the finger and the hand, though I wasn’t aware of it until later. She asked me what I was thinking or feeling, and the first thing that came to mind was “angel wings.” I laughed and repeated it to her. She asked for more, so I took a minute to see where that thought would lead me. I then explained that I felt as though there was a weight in my shoulders, a bit of a pulling downward from the shoulder blades, that felt like it could be angel wings on my back. I also explained that it contradicts my belief system, because I believe that angels of of another dimension of energy and do not come down to the earth dimensions. Therefore, it was a bit confusing to me. A little later in the yoga phase of class, Michelle asked me what I was thinking and feeling, and I said I felt a presence in my peripheral vision, but that it was not her energy. At first, I thought it could be my dad, since my first part of the session was about him. But then I distinctly heard, “We are guiding you.” So I think it was my guides, or guardian angels, whatever one refers to them as. There was also the feeling of “let go and trust us. We will keep you on your path.”

It was such a wonderful experience, and one that still has me pondering from it. From the whole experience, I would say that I continue on my journey of trusting.

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