Quiet Mornings

This is my favorite time of the day. That time between the family getting off to work and school and my heading out for work or errands. Quiet time!

During this time, I can reflect on the day before and plan for the day ahead of me. I can spend some time nourishing my Soul. I can be still,or I can tune in to my favorite political radio talk shows. It’s my time.

Nearly everyone I know is working or at school, so I am rarely interrupted by the phone. Sometimes I stay in my┬ájammies until 9:30! Who’s to know?! I drink my coffee and eventually get to breakfast. This morning, the weather was so pleasant, I went out to our deck and drank some coffee out there. I live in the country, so there was no traffic noise, no machinery sounds. (The farmer’s will be in the fields soon, and that is a real treat! I love harvest time!)

But today it was quiet. Just me and my flowers that will last just a few more weeks. They have already been bitten by a very light frost, so the geraniums’ leaves have started to turn a bit red. My big gardens (I have four of them) are starting to show signs that summer is coming to a close. At this time of the year, I don’t mourn the fewer flowers blooming, but I do celebrate the remaining flowers by cutting back someof the dying plants, just a bit, so the remaining blooms show through. I don’t clean my gardens too much in the fall. I like to leave tall brush for the little critters to find warmth. After the harder freezes come, I will cut things back a little, but not much. I like the looksof sticks and branches poking up in the snow during those long winter months.

Finally, I feel like the luckiest person in the world. No one is filling my day with things to do. That’s up to me. Today I will go to my favorite antique store that is open only four days a month. I always find great bargains! I will get my monthly adjustment at the chiropractor. My back LOVES me when I do that. I will teach yoga this morning. What a great way to celebrate your body, mind, and spirit!

It doesn’t get any better than this!

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