Fix It? Or Live It?

Yesterday, we acknowledged that we are not responsible for “changing” others. True change for any person comes from their own making, with a real desire to be the change. And so we agree that we can only change ourselves.

And now the big question: what needs to change? Reading Mark Nepo’s daily inspirations this morning, he tells the story of when he had been away from his partner for a couple weeks, and upon his return, the partner expressed his missing him. Sensing this strong emotion in his partner, Mark decided that he needed to change his schedule and not be traveling as much, so his partner wouldn’t miss him so much. He tried to fix the problem. And he nearly missed feeling the emotions of being missed by a loved one.

In living our life, we are not asked to fix every problem that arises. Indeed, if we do that, we are missing opportunities to know and feel deeper emotions that make us even more human. We are reminded, we are spiritual beings having a human experience. So why would we deny ourselves these human experiences? After all, we chose to leave the most peaceful and loving place which we can’t even imagine in our minds, to come to this place called Earth, just to have these experiences.

There is a time to fix things, and a time to recognize the emotions and feelings involved, and be content in experiencing them. It’s our responsiblity to decide which experiences we should fix, and which experiences we need to be present in.

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