Next week’s Women’s Circle is about sharing our stories, and this is an important topic for many reasons. The reason I stated for sharing our stories is that we need to work through our issues rather than bury them. Allowing our wounds to fester into ugly scars is not good for us. They need to be cleaned by telling our stories over and over again, flushing out the story so we can heal properly.

However, for the past week, I have realized there is another reason for sharing our stories. We need to clean these wounds out so that we can forgive.

Forgiveness is needed, from a karmic sense. When we hold back our forgiveness of others, we develop a karmic tie toward them that must be worked through. In future lifetimes, these karmic ties manifest themselves as physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual issues.

Not only do we need to forgive others, but we need to offer ourselves forgiveness. Forgive our short-fallings, forgive our past behaviors, forgive our present mistakes.

The wounds and pain and discomfort we feel in this lifetime resulted from past lifetimes of not offering forgiveness, or not being forgiven. Any lack of forgiveness we have in this lifetime will carry over to our future lifetimes. Is that what we want? If not, it is time to share our stories and offer forgiveness.

Join me on Wednesday night as we cleanse ourselves through sharing our stories.


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