The Bible

We spent the last several weeks watching the series, The Bible, on television. My brother had told us about it, and said it was pretty interesting, given our Catholic faith background. He had recognized some of the stories from growing up Catholic and attending Mass weekly, while also going to the Catholic school. But there were some stories he didn’t remember.

So Jeff and I decided to watch the series as well. It was a good series, and I too heard some stories that I had forotten over the years. I could tell how some versions of The Bible were different than the versions I grew up with. Just a twist in the story. For instance, I grew up believing that Mary Magdeline was a red head. Isn’t that strange, that she would be probably the only one in the Bible stories that I recognized by her hair color? In last week’s yoga class, we talked about that, and it turns out just the Catholics in the group had grown up with that assumption. Hmmm!

There was a disturbing part of the story for me, and that was the series’ portrayal of Satan by someone who had some very distinctive features similar to President Obama. Now, for the average person, we would laugh this off and say, “How coincidental is that?” But there are people out there who would take that literally and determine that the casting of a man who looks like Obama was intentional, as they believe that Obama IS Satan. They think that he is a Muslim born in Kenya who wants to destroy Christianity. This disturbs me greatly.

You would think, after his being president for four years and not doing ANYTHING against Christianity, they would see that they had been misled, but that is not the case. They continue to believe that he is out to destroy Christianity. I have to wonder how they came to this conclusion. It makes me sad.

So after watching the entire series, I decided that, while I enjoyed hearing some of the stories of the Bible once more, I don’t know that it did anything to promote hope, faith, and love in our country.


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