Intuitive Massage

Yesterday I attended my first intuitive massage, and that was quite the experience! The massage therapist, Jo, is VERY talented and gifted. I would have to say that she is the most talented healer I have ever gone to. As she was talking with me, she kept getting messages, and then she would ask her guides questions, and they would go back and forth, with her asking me questions and telling me information at the same time.

I learned that there were 18 Spirits that had attached themselves to me. She calls the people who have passed over but not gone to Heaven, Spirits. She was suprised by the number that were with me, but I explained that I had spent 2 days at the hospital with my mom. That was where they had found me. She said that because my Light within is so strong, the Spirits thought that I was “THE Light of God” and had come to me, expecting to pass over completely. She explained that Spirits at the hospital are often in a zombie-like state because they passed over during a surgery or procedure in which they were heavily induced. That explains their confusion. She helped them pass, and I could feel a release of pressure as she was sending them to the Light.

She does past life regression work as well. I have a left side lower back issue that has been going on for most of my life. She saw that and explained that it went back 6 generations (father, mother, mother, father, father, father). She said I had been accused of being a witch at that time, and that was the emotional scar I continued to carry into this lifetime. That accusation was considered a curse that had been placed on me. She released me from that karma.

Another past life injury I was still carrying was from when I was hung by my wrists. It had manifested in my left wrist. She calls these “artifacts,” memories from past lives that manifest as disease or illness. At one point, there were several “artifacts” that appeared to her, so she did a general “swoop” of my body to release them.

She also saw a warm, sunny cottage with lots of flowers around it, while she was working on my calves. She said it could have been in Ireland or a climate like that. She said that was from a previous life as well.

I had another more recent curse that had been placed on me. She said it was from someone I don’t know but they knew of me, and they were jealous of me. That envy or jealousy had manifested as a curse on me, So she removed that as well. She reminded me that we need to be careful with our words when we are angry with others because they can manifest as a curse that can be carried forward into another lifetime. She also said we need to do much more forgiving, as that will release us from curses.

As soon as we walked into the healing room, she noticed my lower left abdomen, which is the area of my ulcerative colitis. She released that as well.

She did a lot of work on my head, neck, and shoulders. She noticed some big issues with my left shoulder, which I was not aware of, and she also worked with my right shoulder, where I was aware of some limitations during yoga. She also said my tailbone was out of position, which she corrected and also advised me to sleep on my back because side sleeping was messing with my tailbone, right pelvic bone, and also the muscles in my shoulder as I lie on my side. It also affects the sinuses.

She kept scratching her head and couldn’t figure out what that was about. I said I often scratch my head from possibly a dry scalp, but as I put on my hat, I realized that my hat that I wear every day makes my head itchy. LOL She also wanted to scratch her right ear, which is something I do often as well.

There was so much more to the healing massage, but these are the major areas of healing I received. It was very interesting, and I will definitely go back. I walked out of there feeling extremely light.


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