Letting in New Energy Meditation

On Saturday morning, I met with a group of women to participate in an Ananda Mandala Meditation led by Laurie Wondra, a very gifted spiritual channel whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with several times in the past.

The email came out, saying:

“Start your day/weekend with deep meditation and Chakra clearing/opening. We’ve been talking about and working to clear, open and set intent in this time of manifestation. You may be brain-locked saying you aren’t able to meditate, don’t know how, or feel you are ‘doing it wrong’. This is a supportive environment where there is no ‘wrong’ and it’s breathing. You won’t be worrying about clearing your thoughts. This is a clearing and energy charge for your entire energy system – your chakras.

Ananda Mandala is a Chakra clearing meditation designed to raise Kundalini and our vibration rates. It is a 30 to 40 minute meditation that involves vigorous Pranayama (breath of fire) breathing techniques.”

Boy, that defined me, in a nutshell: brain-locked! Though I know the importance of going through the motions of ritual when we are indeed brain-locked, my Soul was looking for a release, as it seems like I was struggling to connect with Spirit. There was, indeed, a block that needed to open.

So the gathering of women took place, and I have so enjoyed getting to know the “regulars” who attend Laurie’s circles, as well as getting to know the new people who attend. Such good energy from all these women!

The meditation itself was working with our Kundalini, the energy that moves through our chakras. It also involves breathing, at times very rapidly, causing even this yogini to remind myself to breathe into the belly so as not to get light-headed! (See my video on yoga breathing, if you are ready for some deep breathing exercises). In the meditation, we moved through each of our chakras, connecting them to our crown chakra. Between these exercises, we breathed 108 breaths. (See the significance of 108.)

What a POWERFUL meditation! For me, a whole lot of energy was released, unblocked, and replaced with a higher vibrating energy! Whew!

This is what I learned during my meditation: I have been looking for direction the past year, not sure of my “purpose” right now. I know that yoga is part of that, but I also knew there was something else that needed to occur alongside and within the yoga teachings. At one point, when I went to see Laurie for a spiritual counseling session, my Grandfather came in and said, “I am a healer too! You got that from me.” I was kind of taken aback by that, because I wasn’t really thinking about me being a healer. I knew that I had done some healing before, but the idea of taking that into my practice hadn’t occurred to me before. And so, while I found that interesting information, i really didn’t know what to do with it. I prayed on it, and asked for messages about healing. And I did receive some messages: I was instructed to start offering healing to the class, which I would do, when I thought of it, during our meditation time. I would ask for my angels and guides to direct me to someone who needed healing, and if it was good for their Higher Purpose, that I offer them healing through whatever issue they were working through. But I have not been consistent with that, and I truly wasn’t sure if that was what I was supposed to do. Simply put, when I go to other’s energy, I sometimes take it on (the pain and all), and I really didn’t feel like I wanted to take on someone else’s energy!

So back to the meditation. During the meditation, I was reminded of several things that I knew but had forgotten. First of all, I was reminded of the different “layers” of chakras. The main ones we work with are the seven chakras close to the body, but as we take on higher energy, we will move toward three chakras: yellow being the lowest energy, with pink representing our high heart (our connection to one another), and the white energy of God/ Source. And as we move even higher, those colors will unite into a yellow-white, which is the energy of healing. And that was the first message I got: work with healing.

Then I was noticing some pain in my back, right behind the heart. I recalled an experience I had several years ago, when I was told by my guides that that location is where the “work” is done when we work with energy. A year later, this was confirmed by another spiritual counselor at a class I attended. So I knew that I was being worked on. Some other women also said they were feeling that area during the meditation as well. Confirmation, for me.

As we moved up the chakras, coming to the crown chakra, I saw an amazing “umbrella” of white light upon the group. It was so beautiful, it brought tears to my eyes. And then, after the meditation, as we moved into our regular breathing, the block released for me, and I saw myself on my journey that I had started so many years ago, and how I had taken a bit of a detour, but that I was now coming back onto my path. Again, it is the healing that I am coming back to.

I had a chance to talk with Laurie about this afterward. My guides said that they are wanting me to start using my teaching as an opportunity to remind people to release the old energy because there is new energy coming in, which we need room for. This new energy is MUCH larger than what we can release, and so it is important to keep releasing that which doesn’t serve us. I am also supposed to reach a larger audience with this message, which I can’t really do through yoga alone. Hence, my blogs.

If you are reading this message, and it resonates with you, and you know someone else whom you think it might resonate with, please link them to the blog. Let’s begin the work of releasing all the negativity, so we can bring in the beautifully higher energy that is just waiting for us to accept!!



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