Theme Idea 1 for a Radio Program

So I ponder the ideas for a radio program. One idea stems from the concerns across the globe about the 2012 prophecy. I want people to know that there is not a doomsday approaching. The worst is what we are now experiencing: floods, snowstorms, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, tornadoes, etc. These natural disasters are the Earth’s way of cleansing herself. We brought this on through our life styles, and so this is the way we reap what we sow.

Another example of the Earth cleansing is the large increase in immune system illnesses, which is cutting short many people’s lives. From the foods we ingest, to the containers we pack our foods in, to the cleaners we use around our homes, all of these chemicals are weakening our resistance to diseases. We can strengthen our immune system by eating natural and organic foods. We can cook our foods in safe dishes and avoid plastics. We can wash off our store-bought veggies and fruits before eating them. We can improve our immune system through increasing our vitamins and natural herbs. I personally work with an acupuncture therapist, who has made tremendous gains in strengthening my digestive system and we are now working with my allergies. I have been off all my allergy medicines for three weeks now, for the first time in at least ten years! I am still watching my body to see how coming off those strong medicines affect me, and so far, so good.

Instead of living in fear of the future, encouraged by our government and leaders (including spiritual leaders), we can embrace the future. As with any cleansing, there is purity and time for regrowth afterward. So if you truly believe that these are end times, then look at them as an end to so much suffering, and the induction into a better time for all of us.

On a Spiritual level, there is so much more going on than what I have listed here. We are supported by our Spiritual Guides and the Heavenly Angels, and if we are feeling fear, we just need to ask them for their loving arms around us. Remember that story about the hard times in life, the parable about Jesus carrying us during our struggles (only one set of footprints in the sand)? That is exactly what Jesus and our guides and angels will do for us, if we are feeling fear. Let go and let God, right? Exactly!

This is one train of thought that I had for a radio program. There is so much more to uncover in this discussion, but I don’t think it could sustain a series of programs. Perhaps it is a part of something more expansive?

Waiting for divine guidance.

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