More on the 2012 Energy

I mentioned yesterday about the newer, higher vibrating energy of 2012. Let me explain this more.

We are aware of our physical bodies, and we know they reside in the third dimension. But we are also aware of higher vibrating energy. We know, when standing still, when someone comes into our presence, even if we don’t see them. We can feel them behind us. That is because their higher energy surrounding their physical bodies has entered the space of our higher energy surrounding our physical bodies. The same can be said when we hold a conversation with someone, face to face. If we move in too close to them, they will back off. We are getting into their higher energy space, and it often makes people uncomfortable.

So we understand that we are surrounded by energy that is higher than the third dimension. Now the significance of the 2012 prophesy is not that a ship is going to come and take the good Christians away while the rest of the world suffers. At least, that is not what I believe. 😉 No one really knows for sure, right? But there have been a lot of signs for what we are now experiencing as the preparation for 2012, as well as those who channel the energy of the angels have been assured that it isn’t occurring that way either.

I speak of the prophesy as if it were occurring right now, which it is. The changes have actually been going on for a few years now. As I mentioned yesterday, the changes in the Earth are significant for her preparation for the energy shift. She is a living creature, and she has to adjust to the energy, so we see more frequent and often more violent storms and Earth ajustments like volcanoes. These Earth adjustments are necessary for her to match the newer vibration of energy.

Many of us are also experiencing those physical adjustments. My back is acting up. A friend of mine who channels the angelic energy has lost her physical voice. These adjustments are just temporary, but they remind us that we need to adjust to the new energy coming in.

The new energy cannot hold the old energy. Think of it like a gravity machine. If you enter the gravity chamber and the gravity is increased, our bodies would not survive. Our bodies were not meant for that kind of heavy energy. The same is true when we deal with higher, lighter energy. Our 3-D bodies can not survive in the higher energy, and so they are changing to adjust to that energy. We don’t see the changes physically, but we feel the adjustments through the physical aches and pains of our bodies.

Prior to our incarnation on Earth, we knew where we would be for this shift. Some of us would remain on Earth, and some of us would pass over before the shift, offering assistance from the other side. I don’t know how it is for you, but we have said good-bye to so many friends and acquaintances since the new year began. It seems that each week we are losing another friend. And these are not all older people. These are people who have been in the prime of their life. So the sudden deaths of our loved ones have really been part of the plan, all along. They chose to assist the change from the other side of the ever-thinning veil.

The new energy is going to be wonderful, and there will be a lightness that we haven’t experienced in this old energy. But expect more changes before we get there. More to come…

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