Why Must We Change?

That’s a very good question, and it comes down to our belief system. If we believe that there is more to this life on Earth than just a cosmic coincidence, then we might also accept that we have a purpose for being here. Many faiths guide us to believe that we come to Earth for the lessons learned. In my own heart, I know that I am here because I chose to come to experience the emotions and feelings that I would not experience in that place some refer to as Heaven. Sadness, despair, anger, fear… these feelings are quite intense, but they have no place in Heaven. In this lower dimension of energy, actually in the fourth dimension of energy, where our emotions reside, we take on these emotions and challenge ourselves to find God/ our Source/ Higher Self despite the many setbacks in life.

Now, the Earth’s evolution is an interesting one. Many of us may be familiar with the story of Atlantis. I am vaguely familiar, so I will keep my comparisons simple. My understanding is that Atlantis was here on Earth. Society had become technologically advanced. Perhaps there was a One World government because of the connections. It’s possible that we even communicated with beings from other planets. It was that advanced. But the people of Atlantis served the same purpose that we serve today. They needed to make the choice whether to evolve or not. Whether to lift the planet into the higher realms of energy or whether to place their faith in technology and all the material goods of their time. They chose the material goods and technology, and it was a mistake. The Earth shifted and evolved, but the people did not. Their civilization was wiped out.

People who know a lot more about Atlantis and who understand evolution much better than I say that we are headed in that same direction; we have been heading there all along. That we are being challeneged to lift the vibration of all mankind, so that we can be a more evolved planet, like other planets. (I know, Twilight Zone music here. lol) In fact, many of us who are here today were incarnated during that time as well, and we are urgently working to prepare ourselves and others for this shift of energy.

Just as a side note, a person does not have to have faith in God to make it through the shift of energy. A person needs to be a good, caring person. This is not about religion, this is about being open hearted. About caring about others and our environment, the planet earth that we live on.

So yes, we must physically shift to be part of this new energy. And so some of us are experiencing some intense physical pains, as we are “helpers” in the shift, and we are holding the energy for others who are not quite ready for the shift but will be ready when the time is right.

What about those who cannot change? Well, we see what is happening already. Many have been dying of strange illnesses or increased cancer causes. Some are going to the hospital for minor reasons and end up not making it. Now before we start to connect the dots and say, “Oh, my friend/ family member could not evolve and so he died,” let me caution against that. Some highly evolved Souls chose to be assisting the planet from the Other Side. And so their purpose is to help those who pass as well as help those of us who are holding the enery for others. Their purpose is just as important as the purpose for those of us who stay on Earth.

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