Theme Idea 2 for a Radio Program

So the other idea that I am strongly leaning toward is to take the mission statement of my website and make that my mission statement for a radio program.

“My mission is to provide you with wellness opportunities for your body, mind, and Spirit. Whether you take a class with me or you visit me online, I hope to provide opportunities for you to learn and grow on your journey through life!”

It is simple, it opens the topic in so many directions, and it can be sustainable past 2012. I’ll be able to bring in my areas of expertise, along with my own thoughts and the thoughts of my guides and angels, as I help people develop balance in their lives.

Last night, I was thinking about this direction of my radio show, and i was reminded that in my session with Laurie, it was brought to my attention from one of my guides that  I am a person who has a great understanding of balance that is needed in our lives. that was perhaps a clue for me, as I begin this new venture.

So what would this radio program look like? It would probably be similar to the Circles that I organize each month. Topics are selected based on information that I gather (or based on listener interest). These topics would be on subjects of interest, and incorporate a spiritual direction.

Some clarity has come to me as I consider my mission statement as the direction of the program and my blogs and circles as a springboard for conversation.

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