Storms Part 2!

Holy cow! As I write this, we are having one heck of a wind storm in Minnesota! We had a temperature drop of nearly 20 degrees this morning, and the winds have been picking up in intensity all day long. I tried to take a nap, thinking a rainy day is the perfect day for a nap, but I could not settle down. The energy in the air is electrifying. My heart is nearly racing out of my chest right now. I have to keep using my yoga breathing to settle myself down.

Earlier, I went outside to take the hammock apart. The wind kept picking it up and bringing it closer and closer to the house, and the sliding glass doors, that I was concerned I’d have a broken window. Three of the four chairs around the outdoor table have tipped over, and they are going to stay on the ground until the storm passes. The fourth chair and the table are still standing, but I’ve moved them closer to the house. Hopefully there won’t be any damage to them (or the house). Last week’s wind storm broke one of my terra cotta urns, so I keep looking out the window to be sure that the other, heavier urn is secure.

I sure wish I had gotten the rest of my planters stored away for the season, but I was pushing my luck. I hope I didn’t push my luck too far. I’d hate to have damage to them as well. I can see that I definitely will be getting the yard and gazebo winterized this weekend. It’s time.

How are you surviving the wind storm, fellow Minnesotans?  What kind of emotions do storms invoke for you?

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