Women’s Circles

For the second month in a row, I have had to cancel the women’s circle because there are just not enough people signed up to make the time I have to move the family out of the house worth it. Both topics were interesting, and I had brought back this month’s topic because it had been so successful (and asked for a repeat) six months ago.

I knew this day would come. Way back when I first started facilitating the circles, I knew that the group would grow and evolve and ask for something more. My angels and guides at that time had wanted me to take another direction, but I hadn’t felt ready for it, at the time.

Last night, as I asked the question of the circles’ next movement while meditating, I received some answers. The circle is evolving into a teaching circle, with me selecting topics such as those here in my blogs and using them as a springboard for discussion as well as dialogue. I am being prodded along to make these changes, as I would hesitate to do so if not forced to reevaluate what we have done in the past.

You are ready for this change, and I can be made ready for this change. LOL

So the teaching will come from myself and others, and they will be spiritually oriented. Jill Sand Consulting will continue to evolve and bring in more balance to the spirit, in our quest to serve women’s wellness through body, mind, and spirit.

I am not sure whether there will be a May circle. I am planning to be out of town the weekend before, and I’m not sure of my partiicular dates for that trip. We’ll have to see how things go.

I am praying for guidance as we move toward this next step of the evolution of JSC.

Shanti (Peace)

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