The Voice of God

The other night, I had an amazing dream about Jeff’s mom, Grace. My dreams with Grace always start with the premise that she had died but came back from the dead and is living among us. Of course, to me that represents my belief that she is visiting me from the other side, It represents the fact that she hasn’t really died and is still among us, when we need her. The fact that she has come to me twice lately suggests to me that she is hanging around. Perhaps Jeff’s dad’s time is close at hand.

In my dream with Grace, we were at a family gathering, like Easter. In fact, I was talking with her about her potato salad recipe, which is typical when talking with Grace. She was an excellent cook and baker. But then I started asking her questions about when she died. She told me that it was a bit difficult because she had to review her life with God. She didn’t provide details, and I didn’t ask, but I could understand. After all, we come to Earth to learn lessons, and we can fall into a pattern of not learning a lesson, even as it gets harder and harder for us to deny the lesson. That is the challenge we all face.

She spoke to me about my own faith. I felt a bit defensive during our conversation, as I told her that I wasn’t a practicing Catholic or Christian, but I recognized all religions, and I felt like I was spiritual rather than religious. I felt judged, but in my thinking about it now, I realize that she was just bringing forward the internal struggle I have been facing for the past couple decades. Most of that struggle has been with family who expect me to be religious.

And then I was reminded that in my dream, she said she spoke with God. I asked her about God’s voice. She got this amazingly huge smile on her face, and she was glowing, as she described God’s voice as monotone but full of compassion. In my dream, I could almost hear the voice of God, and I smiled with her.

The dream ended at that point, and I woke up with a few questions running through my head. But having heard, through Grace, the voice of God, was very heartening.


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