Urgent Time

In some of my discussion groups with other women, we talk about the swiftness of time. Time moves so quickly, it is often said by the older generations. After all, when we were kids, our days dragged on forever.┬áBut today, if you ask the kids, they will tell you that time moves quickly for them too. Something has changed here…

There have been studies done that have demonstrated that, indeed , our time has sped up. And so we feel rushed, trying to accomplish what we feel needs to be accomplished each day. We end up packing in so much into our days, that we can’t turn off that urgent feeling when we go to sleep at night. Many of us are experiencing chronic insomnia. For all our “busyness,” we are driving ourselves crazy. Doubting ourselves because we may not have accomplished all we wanted, and then we base our worth not on what has been accomplished, but on what has not been accomplished.

In yoga, we are reminded to slow down. In our yoga practice, we come to the mat, close our eyes, and just start to breathe. Oftentimes, when I come into a class, as people are gathering, there is a lot of energy in the room. People are visiting and animated and excited and bursting at the seams with unspent energy from their busy lives. I may take up to five minutes just breathing with the class, so that their energy will slow down.Once we slow down our thoughts and breath, we can move into the present time, the time of “being.” And only by moving into “now” can we actually align ourselves to the pace of time, instead of feeling like we are always trying to catch up to it. We lose the urgency of trying to catch up with the moment, and we become the moment.

Today, we are reminded to stop and breathe and be in the moment. BE the moment.

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